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Measurement in Medicine

Practical guide for developing and evaluating measurement instruments

We published the book on Measurement in Medicine, based on the COSMIN methodology. It provides practical advice, underpinned by theoretical principles, on developing and evaluating measurement instruments in all fields of medicine.

This is a perfect course book for students and a perfect companion for professionals/researchers in the medical and health sciences who care about the quality and meaning of the measurements they perform.

COSMIN courses

Clinimetrics: Assessing measurement properties of health measurement instruments

Clinimetrics is the scientific discipline that aimed to develop and evaluate clinical and health measurement instruments and improve its quality.

online  course on Clinimetrics 3 full days on 6, 7,8 February 2023 or 6 half days between 1 and 8 February 2023 (in English)

3-day course on Clinimetrics June 12-14, 2023 (in Dutch).

3-day online course on Item Response Theory March 13-15, 2023 (in English).