Course on Clinimetrics based on COSMIN

3-day course on Clinimetrics Jan 29-31, 2018 (in English)

3-day course on Clinimetrics June 18-20, 2018 (in Dutch)

Clinimetrics is the scientific discipline that aims to (1) develop methods of assessing the properties of health measurement instruments, (2) apply those methods to develop new, or evaluate existing, health measurement instruments, with the aim (3) to improve the quality of measurements. The choice of an appropriate measurement instrument is a key issue in all scientific research. Measurement instruments are required to assess outcomes (e.g. to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions), to diagnose, and to prognosticate. Approaches to gathering data vary widely, from physical examinations to laboratory tests, from imaging techniques to self-report questionnaires. Clinical and health researchers always need to find the best instruments for their particular research and, if none are available, develop new ones.

The course is on evaluation of the quality of measurement instruments and the quality of clinimetric studies (i.e. studies on measurement properties). The emphasis is on knowing “what to measure”, by a detailed definition of the construct of interest, based on conceptual models. We continue by discussing dimensionality (factor analysis), internal consistency, and an introduction to IRT methods. Specific sessions will focus on reliability (particularly the distinction between reliability and measurement error), validity (with the emphasis on content validity and hypotheses testing) and responsiveness. We will also look at how to assess an instrument’s interpretability (in terms of the smallest detectable change and minimum important change). The course ends with a summary.

There will be lectures with working groups in between, to discuss the content of the lectures and to practice with assessment and interpretation of the various measurement properties. For one assignment, i.e. on the calculation and interpretation of measurement error and reliability, a computer with SPSS is required.

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