COSMIN helps you select the most suitable outcome measurement instruments

COSMIN aims to improve the selection of outcome measurement instruments both in research and in clinical practice by developing methodology and practical tools for selecting the most suitable outcome measurement instrument.

Make your research better

You can use our tools to improve the way you do research and the trustworthiness of your results.

 COSMIN Taxonomy

Get the definition of your measurement properties clear with our consensus-based taxonomy of measurement properties.

Database of Systematic Reviews

Save time searching for the best available outcome measurement instruments with our database of systematic reviews of outcome measurement instruments.

Checklists for Assessing Study Qualities

Use one of our checklists for assessing the methodological quality of a study on measurement properties.

Search Filters

Identify all relevant studies in PubMed and Embase on measurement properties effectively with our search filters.

Guideline for Conducting Systematic Reviews

A 10-step procedure to help you conduct your systematic review of outcome measurement instruments.

Guideline for selecting outcome measurement instruments in a Core Outcome Set

Improve your COS development with our systematic and consensus-based guidance.


COnsensus-based Standards for the selection of health Measurement INstruments

COSMIN is an initiative of an international multidisciplinary team of researchers with a background in epidemiology, psychometrics, medicine, qualitative research, and health care, who have expertise in the development and evaluation of outcome measurement instruments.

We call for standardization of outcomes and outcome measurement instrument selection by developing core outcome sets (COS) and universally applicable IRT-based instruments.

Goals of the COSMIN initiative

  • Advance the science and application of health outcome measurement
  • Develop new and update existing methodology and practical tools for the selection and use of outcome measurement instruments for research and clinical practice
  • Monitor and maintain the scientific quality of COSMIN tools
  • Encourage widespread adoption of the COSMIN methodology
  • Call for standardization of outcomes and outcome measurement instruments by developing Core Outcome Sets (COS) and COS methodology

Measurement in Medicine

Practical guide for developing and evaluating measurement instruments

COSMIN published the book Measurement in Medicine. It provides practical advice, underpinned by theoretical principles, on developing and evaluating measurement instruments in all fields of medicine.

This is a perfect course book for students and a perfect companion for professionals/researchers in the medical and health sciences who care about the quality and meaning of the measurements they perform.

We also teach a three-day course in Clinimetrics (twice a year, in English and Dutch), based on this book.